Three Perfect Scores Earned in our November Competition!

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Our November Competition at The Stamford Photography Club saw three images receive a perfect score of 27 from the judges.  The three images are highlighted below, along with a short description of the photograph by the maker (Click the image to see it larger):




Preening Pelican by Carlotta Grenier – Digital Image Salon Open Subject

17_11_OS_S_Preening_Pelican_CGrenierThis image was taken in Greece at Lake Kirkini. There they have help all winter long from the local fishermen to get fed as the fish swim too low for the Dalmatian pelicans to fish.

They are used to humans and in fact I fed one by hand as they come right out of the lake to look where the fish are hiding. Of course, “in the bucket.” ~Carlotta



To Fly by Linda Brinckerhoff – Digital Image Salon Open Subject

17_11_OS_S_To-Fly_Linda-Brinckerhoffl“To Fly” is a portrait of my 8 year old granddaughter Leah who requested a photo of herself in her Amelia Earhart Halloween costume. I used a hand painted background and a 6 foot parabolic light modifier pointed 90 degrees away from the subject so that just the edges would light her. A fan was added to get some lift on her hair. A vignette was added with Photoshop. ~Linda




Big and Little by Roger Busch – Digital Image Salon Open Subject

17_11_OS_S_Big and Little_RBuschThe dramatic, huge image of a beetle was on a wall at the Getty Center in Los Angeles this summer.  My vantage point was an elevated walkway along the opposite wall.  For the photo to work, I knew I needed a human to be in it in order to provide scale.  After a short wait, the photo-gods presented me with this young girl with long black hair, wearing a dress.  She walked to the corner of the image and looked up.  I pressed the shutter  button. ~Roger



Congratulations Carlotta, Linda and Roger!  Your images were added to the Perfect Score Gallery.

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