2017-2018 Assigned Subjects

On behalf of the Assigned Subject Selection Committee, co-chairs Van Ruttley and Susan Christiano are pleased to submit the list of Assigned Subjects for the 2017-2018 season

Assigned Subjects for 2017/2018 Season

Sept – 3 Of A Kind
Oct – Edge of Light
Nov – Monochrome in Color
Dec – Connections
Jan – Balance
Feb – Enchanted
Mar – Abandoned
Apr – Juxtaposition

Rules of Competition

One thing that makes SPC unique is that Assigned Subjects must be taken after the subjects are announced (for full details, see Rules and Guidelines in the About Us section). This encourages members to think creatively and to shoot new material and not to rely on past images. So anything you shoot after 2/16/2017 will be eligible for competition in the Assigned Subject Category.

A big thanks to all members who submitted ideas and to the Selection Team:
Robin Fletcher
Lisa Silberman
Susan Christiano, Co-Chair
Van Ruttley, Co-Chair

About the Process.

The Team solicited input from club members and evaluated a list of 250+ ideas submitted.  These numbers also include those ideas submitted in past years that did not make it to the top 8.  Each member of the selection team picked their favorites from the list and then met as a team to thin down the consolidated favorites list via various rounds of up and down votes.  The voting process was “blind” to the idea originator names.

“The time is ticking so start clicking!”